Transit advertising has become very popular for lots of brands in the market and is readily available in a number of states in the country. Book your transit advertising campaign easily on Blazon and get your brand noticed.

Transit (bus) advertising delivers mass coverage of cities where they ply.

Affords brands the opportunity to reach the audiences on the way to points of purchase.

Opportunity for repetition of message delivery

How Much Will Transit Advertising Cost Me?

Transit advertising (or in this instance ‘Bus Branding’) is relatively inexpensive. You are charged for printing of the vinyl as well as rental for the number of buses that you would like to brand per time.

The rentals are costed per bus and per month. You should make allowance for printing of extra materials so as to replace those that will get torn or bad during the course of your campaign.

What Forms Of Transit Advertising Are Available To Me?

The predominant form of transit advertising in the market is bus advertising/brand where the exterior of the buses are wrapped in brand advertising messages.

How Do I Book Transit Advertising?

Booking transit advertising is easy and quick with Blazon. Just search in the location you want to advertising in, compare costs, select the period you want the ads to run and tell us if you have your materials printed or not. If not, we can help link you with our print production partners.

Hire an Expert

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