Advertising on billboards is very popular in the Nigeria and lends itself to the very mobile nature of the populace who are always up and about especially in major cities. Billboards today come in static and digital (LED) formats.

Advertising on billboards delivers high reach for mass awareness

Around-the-clock exposure

Best used with simple/short text and image

Billboard advertising also offers flexibility by geography/locality or region.

How Much Will Advertising On Billboards Cost Me?

Costs on this medium are determined by a variety of factors e.g. location, lighting, traffic count, size of board and format (i.e. static or digital).  Static billboards require printing of SAV (Self Adhesive Vinyl) or flex materials while digital (LED) boards require the production of short length (max 15 seconds) video materials.  Do note that static billboards can only be rented on a monthly basis. Advertising on digital (LED) boards on the other hand can be bought on a retail (weekly or daily) basis.

What Forms Of Billboard Advertising Are Available?

There are various formats available for billboards advertising, some of which are stated below:

  1. 48 Sheet
  2. Unipole (Static & LED)
  3. Gantry (Static, LED &Ultrawave)
  4. Streetlight Poles
  5. Indoor Free-standing LEDs

How Do I Book Billboard Advertising?

Booking billboard advertising is easy and quick with Blazon. Just search for available boards in the location you want to advertising in, compare costs, select the period you want the ads to display and tell us if you have your materials printed or not. If not, we can help link you with our print production partners.

If you want to advertise on LED boards, upload your final approved material otherwise we can link you up with our creative agency partners.

Hire an Expert

Would you like customized, professional media planning and implementation? We pride ourselves on excellent media investment advisory and will be willing to help.

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