TV advertising is probably the most popular way of conveying brand messages to the mass of people. Book your television ad with Blazon on stations throughout Nigeria including terrestrial channels (e.g. AIT, Channels, Silverbird TV) or satellite television providers (e.g. DStv, Startimes etc.). You can also advertise within popular programs like Super Story, Jenifas Diary and so on.

Television appeals to a broad audience.

Television advertising builds reach faster because it delivers mass coverage.

Television advertising uses audio and visual elements to deliver strong impact for your brand messages.

Television is a medium that helps with strong emotional appeal.

How Much Will Television Advertising Cost Me?

The costs of TV spots are determined by variables such as station/channel, spot length, whether you are buying ‘run-off spots’, intra-program spots, mid-news spotsand so on.

In Nigeria, television advertising spot rates are constant whatever time of the year it is. The costs for advertising in popular and highly rated programs are generally higher than costs for others.Furthermore, advertising during prime time costs more than advertising at other times of the day.

What Forms Of Advertising Are Available to Me On Television?

The following are ways you can advertise on television:

  1. Classical spots – Usually calibrated into 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 45 seconds and 60 seconds. These spots can be aired as ‘run-off’ (i.e. at the discretion of the station within a defined time belt), intra-program (within a popular program) or within the news (mid news).
  2. Program Sponsorship – An advertiser can sponsor a whole program or a segment within the program. Advertisers also sometime jointly sponsor television programs with other non-competing brands in order to reduce their financial outlay.
  3. Logo Flash, Squeeze Back & Pop-Ups – these are much cheaper to produce than the classical commercials. All you need is your brand logo and any other brand asset that you want to deploy.

How Do I Book Television Advertising?

Booking television advertising is easy and quick with Blazon. Just search for the stations or programs required in the specific locations that you want, compare costs, select the dates you want the ads to go on air and then upload your material. If you do not have your advert produced, we can help link you with our creative agency partners.

Hire an Expert

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