Book radio advertising spots easily. Choose from stations in every state of the federation including Abuja from 15 seconds to 60 seconds, depending on the duration of your material.

Radio is an intimate form of advertising. People often listen to radio alone such as when driving and they develop strong relationships with their favorite station and its music as well as bonding with on-air personalities.

Radio helps you to properly target the particular demographic that you want by age, gender, economic status and so on.

Radio advertising is cost efficient and effective as it is not as expensive as advertising on print or on television.

Advertising on radio works well for local businesses as we have many stations in each state, city, locality and so on that you can

How Much Will Radio Advertising Cost Me?

Advertising on radio is cheaper than you think. Radio has a comparatively lower CPT (Cost per Thousand) than other media types like television or print and is available from 15 seconds duration. Each station put their rates by time belts i.e. morning belt, afternoon and evening belts. Most people would advertise in the morning and evening belts otherwise known as ‘drive time’or ‘prime time’ (this is usually between 6am to 9am and 5pm to 9pm). Although the drive times usually deliver more listeners, keep in mind that this may not always be the case. The key thing to consider is when you target audience listens to the radio/station.

Advertising on radio is costed in various ways as follows:

  1. Run-off spot – here the spot is aired at the time the station chooses to schedule it but within the time band or drive time period you have selected.
  2. Fixed Time spot – here you choose the particular time you want the ad aired e.g. 6.50pm. This usually attracts a surcharge and hence costs more than the run-off spot.
  3. Mid News spot – stations allow you to run your ads within their news bulletins. Surcharges also apply here.

What Forms of Advertising Are Available to Me On Radio?

Radio is a powerful mass medium which is ideal for local, regional or national sales or brand-building campaigns.

  1. Classical radio advertising – this refers to a spot that is aired within the advertising block of the chosen station. There is a stipulated advertising time per hour which is a maximum of 12 minutes usually broken into two or three commercial blocks with a maximum of 6 or 4 minutes each. Spots are calibrated into 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 45 seconds and 60 seconds.
  2. Program sponsorships – an advertiser can decide to sponsor an existing program e.g. a sports program or a segment e.g. 15 minutes time-belt within the morning drive. In the former situation, the brand will have ad spots inside the chosen program and will be recognized as title sponsor. You can also have the opportunity of leveraging your sponsorship of the program to announce new offers, brand extensions, promos etc. In the latter case, you will rely on a popular on-air personality to drive engagement with listeners for the duration of the sponsorship and run trivia and give away items to listeners.
  3. Hype – these are usually 2 to 3 minutes ‘announcements’ aired on the selected stations at selected time belts.

How Do I Book Radio Advertising?

Booking radio advertising is easy and quick with Blazon. Just search for the radio stations you want in the specific locations that you want, compare costs, select the dates you want the ads to go on air and then upload your material. If you do not have your advert produced, we can help link you with our creative agency partners.

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