Plan and implement your advertising campaigns on print media easily and quickly with Blazon. Choose from different publications and book by size e.g. full page color, half page black and white etc.

Print media is good for long and complex messages

Print media can be target specific as we have different publications targeting specific demographics.

Print media gives a sense of immediacy.

How Much Will Print Advertising Cost Me?

The cost of print advertising depends on the size of your ad e.g. full page, half page, quarter page and so on. The costs also differ by whether your ad will appear in color or black and white. Special position requests e.g. Front Page, Outside Back Cover and so on would also impact on the costs that you would pay.

What Forms Of Advertising Are Available To Me On Print Media?

For newspapers and magazines, the size of the publication that you want to use is important in determining the formats available. The size and design of your ads should also be taken into consideration.

The ad size or format you should use would depend on a few factors e.g. target audience, budget and so on. There so many formats available in print media to take advantage of:

  1. Full page, half page, quarter page ads etc. As print media ad sizes are determined in columns and inches, you can also design your ads to a specific size and find the corresponding rate for the particular publication that you want. There are a variety of options available here.
  2. Page branding – you can look for a particular page/column or editorial environment that suits your brand and ask to brand it.
  3. Loose inserts – you can pay for your product and services fliers to be inserted into newspapers.

How Do I Book Print Advertising?

Booking print advertising is easy and quick with Blazon. Just search for the publications you want, compare costs, select the dates you want the ads to go on air and then upload your material. If you do not have your advert produced, we can help link you with our creative agency partners.

Hire an Expert

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