Cinema advertising has grown in Nigeria and can deliver captive audiences for your brand. Book cinema advertising quickly and easily on Blazon.

Cinema advertising delivers captive audiences. Viewers can’t change the channel or even surf the internet.

Cinema advertising enables you to reach targeted consumers and movie goers in an effective manner.

For a lot of brands, there is opportunity to leverage with points of sale as a number of the cinemas are located close to or within malls.

How Much Will Cinema Advertising Cost Me?

Cinema advertising is affordable. Advertisers are charged per spot (just as in classic radio or television advertising). You can choose to run your ads for any length of days or weeks that you want.

What Forms Of Cinema Advertising Are Available To Me?

There are various formats of cinema advertising available. The most common is the spots advertising on-screen. There is also foyer branding, tickets branding, pack branding and so on.

How Do I Book Cinema Advertising?

Booking cinema advertising is easy and quick with Blazon. Just search in the location you want to advertising in, select the period you want the ads to run and tell us if you have your materials handy or not. If not, we can help link you up with our creative agency partners.

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